Tuturial Earrings storage (In english)

This is my first Tuturial so if anything is not clear please let me know and I will change it.

Needed to create a earrings storage
* Box* Wrappingpaper* Spray adhesive* Cutting* Stanley knife* Ribbon*
* Scissors* Pad for piercing* Ruler* Foam or cardboard

You start with about 2 inches on the box to be emerging. On the first line you put dots every 1 cm make sure you have an even number to come out, otherwise you take away a bit bigger or smaller.

Where you’ve put down the dots puncture holes. Now you can make the next rows, I got 6 rows done for normal earrings, then I did a row of larger earrings and long earrings and you use your earrings for setting the distance between rows .

In the top make two holes which are equally far from the center.Make from foam a plate as big as the top slice but do not tighten. Spray the front with spray glue and decorate it with paper, keep enough on the sides.

Place the box with the paper down on the table and cut a corner as shown. Glue the long side and fold the loose at the top or bottom piece and fasten it. Fold the last piece in and stick it on the inside down. Paste from the top down the inside not the same.

Make the holes slightly larger at the top with scissors. and put the ribbon through. Tie it together on the inside and stick the foam on top. The foam is used for strength. Paste the top in now. Keep the lid against the lies and pierce holes through. Now you can hang your earrings in it.
This is my result

6 thoughts on “Tuturial Earrings storage (In english)

  1. Thanks, You put your earring through the hole and put the back of the earring on the earring on the other side of the boxWhen you do not put the back of the earring on the earring the will fal out

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